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Birthday Cake Kush, also known as Wedding Cake or just Birthday Cake, is an indica-dominant hybrid with strong body effects and sweet cake-like flavor. As decadent as its Girl Scout Cookiesand Cherry Pie parent strainsBirthday Cake Kush buds bloom with a crystalline icing of THC-rich resin.

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This cartridge is ONLY compatible with Stiiizy batteries so be sure to also purchase a Stiiizy battery, we dont have it placed on ourwebsite but on checkout make sure you indicate, you need an extra battery.Our flavours may vary.If you dont like the flavors on our website, you can contact our costumers service.Which is always active 24/7.Crafted through a solvent-free distillation process using only top-shell concentrates resulting in the purest un-cut distillates,buy stiiizy pods.

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So every od and syringe includes the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes derive from the original strain.
Innovation and inspiration go hand in hand for stiiizy,and the teams is good to producing both, However,Elevate your cannabis vaping experience with a puff of stiiizy.

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Stiiizy is a sleek, modern vaporizer that lets you access your medicine anytime, anywhere. Designed to fit easily in your pocket or handbag and to give off a subtle scent, medicating on the go has never been easier! A stiizy Starter Kit combined with specialized pods produces an effective, health-conscious THC delivery system. It is a brand you can trust no matter. If you’re a veteran smoker or a new patient looking to break into the world of vaping. Simply plug in your favorite Pods cartridge and inhale!

Stiiizy distillates are handcrafted through a solvent-free distillation process, using only the most top-shelf quality concentrates and cannabis-derived terpenes.



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